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We Sell Christian Rap beats and Christian Hip Hop Instrumentals to Christian artists and gospel recording artists all across the world.

You can lease your Gospel Beats and Gospel Instrumentals from us and get them royalty free and then be able to put out your project and promote the Kingdom. Get the message out with the right christian hip hop beats for your music.

All Gosple Beats and Gospel Rap Instrumentals are for lease and you will have the ability to market the music in any way you see fit to promote your message.

If you want to buy the full rights to a Gospel rap beat, we will negotiate a buyout for any beat on the site. Find Gospel Hip Hop Beats and Gospel Hip Hop Instrumentals for your next gospel music project.

When you need Gospel Instrumental beats,Gospel rap beats,Gospel Rnb beats,or any type of beat,you can find them at Our Christian Gospel Beats are only $9.95 and you can buy them now and download them now

To buy a Gospel rap beat, just listen to the beats below and when you find a christian gospel beat that you want, just put a check mark by it on the player and the click the order button. Once payment is made, you will receive a link via email to download your Christian Gospel Instrumentals.




Find hip hop beats and hip hop instrumentals for Christians online. Buy your Christian rap beats right now.










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